The ACOS3x eXpress Microprocessor Card is based on the ACOS3 platform making it compatible with other members of the ACOS3 product line. Similar to ACOS3, ACOS3X enables a single card to support various applications such as loyalty program, parking registration, access control, e-ID and electronic purse.

ACOS3X offers a larger memory of 256KB for application data and it can also be paired with ACOS6-SAM for mutual authentication, secure messaging and key diversification, in order to provide utmost security for any application.

ACS also offers various card customization options such as inclusion of magnetic stripe, signature panel and others.

  • Memory
    • Capacity: 256 KB
  • Contact Smart Card Interface
    • Compliant with ISO 7816 Parts 1, 2 and 3
    • Supports T=0 Protocol
    • Supports baud up to 625 kbps
  • Cryptographic Features
    • DES, 2K3DES
    • AES: 128/192 bits
    • Random Number Generation: FIPS140-2 Hardware-based RNG
  • File Security
    • Five secret codes + issuer code
    • PIN code
    • Key pair for mutual authentication
    • Session key based on random numbers
    • Secure Messaging function for confidential and authenticated data transfers
    • Support for highly secured e-Purse for payment applications
Contact Interface