Keep Promise

We deliver our commitments to our business partners and to one another in our company simply because we practice in our company how we should behave in our daily life.

Be Reasonable

When we deal with our business partners, something may happen beyond what either party anticipates. No contract will be good enough to deal with all unexpected situations. We want to work with business partners with mutual trusts and enter into simple business contracts with them. In the event that a contract turns out to be in our favour but not fair to our partner, we would not take advantage of our partner.

Emphasize on Quality

Based on the annual customer satisfaction surveys, feedbacks from customers regarding ACS products and services have been excellent. We received the 2009 Best Practices Award "Product Quality Leadership Award for Smart Card Readers" from Frost & Sullivan. However, we are not satisfied. We realize that in order to gain the same level of trust from our customers on quality as our western counterparts, our products must be superior. Generally speaking, Asia has no advantage over Europe and USA in the image of quality it portrays.

Respect & Develop Employees

We are in a business reliant on knowledge workers. Their voices must be heard. Employees with insufficient relevant experience should be trained, guided and provided with a lot of opportunities to learn and develop, rather than be simply instructed.