ACOS5-64 is an advanced Cryptographic Smart Card that is fully compliant with ISO7816-1/2/3/4/8/9 and common criteria EAL5+ (chip level) specifications. It is specifically designed to enhance the security and performance of RSA Public-key cryptographic operations, which are essential factors in applications requiring smart card PKI, digital signature and high level security.

With the CSP/ PKCS#11 middleware and mini-driver developed by ACS, the ACOS5-64 Cryptographic Smart Card can easily be used in both Windows and Linux applications. The ACOS5-64 supports the latest Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 in both x86 and x64 bit environment. (See: ACOS5-64 Client Kit)

Further, ACOS5-64 allows multiple secure PKI applications in one card. By requesting for a digital certificate from a Public Certificate Authority (CA) or an in-house CA, one can use ACOS5-64 in a variety of applications, namely:

  • Full 64KB of EEPROM memory for application data
  • Compliance with ISO 7816 Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, and 9
    • Supports T = 0 direct protocol
    • Supports high speed transmission from 9,600 to 223,200 bps with configurable ATR
    • Supports ISO 7816 Part 4 File Structures: Transparent, Linear Fixed, Linear Variable, Cyclic
  • Support for cryptographic operations, authentication and access control commands
  • Supports DES/3DES/AES-128/AES-192/AES-256/RSA (up to 4,096 bits)
  • On-board RSA processor supports fast key generation, signature and encryption
  • Supports SHA-1, SHA-256 hashing algorithm
  • Common Criteria EAL5+ (Chip Level)
  • FIPS140-2 (US Federal Information Processing Standards) compatible
  • Supports Secure Messaging and MAC option to ensure that the data is secured from third party attacks
  • Supports Mutual Authentication and Session Key generation
  • Supports multi-level secured access hierarchy
  • Supports anti-tearing function