ACR38U PocketMate Smart Card Reader

Security and functionality for mobile applications in a token-sized device

The ACR38U PocketMate is a sleek USB token that transforms into a full-sized smart card reader with a single swivel motion!This token-sized device transforms into a reader for full-sized contact cards with just one swivel motion, and works with most smartphones and tablets to ensure true mobility for users.

ACR89U-A2 Handheld Smart Card Reader (Contactless Version)

Enjoy fast, secure and on-demand transactions for contact and contactless applications

The ACR89 supports contact and contactless cards. It uses two-factor and mutual authentication to secure transactions, and operates on both PC-linked and standalone modes.

ACR1251U USB NFC Reader II

Boost security in contactless transactions

This second-generation reader enables key diversification and mutual authentication to boost security in contactless operations. Firmware upgradeable, it supports NFC tags and devices.

APG8205 OTP Generator

A two-factor authentication solution to attacks and risks associated with online transactions

The APG8205 eliminates possibility of card-not-present fraud and other risks associated with online banking transactions. It uses two-factor authentication to generate one-time passwords for financial applications.

ACR123S Intelligent Contactless Reader

Use contactless technology to revolutionize the payment experience

The ACR123 supports any contactless card following the ISO 14443-4 standard. It eases movement in checkout counters and revolutionizes the payment experience.

ACR31 Swipe Card Reader

Complete transactions on the road with a magnetic stripe card reader for mobile devices

This compact mobile card reader works with most tablets and smartphones to support ISO7810/7811 magnetic stripe cards. With a standard 3.5 mm audio jack interface and capable of bidirectional reading, it enables true mobility for on-the-go transactions.

ACOS10 PBOC2.0 EDEP Payment Card (Contact)

Ideal Solution for Banking

With the ACOS10, users may write multiple applications in just one card. The ACOS10 has passed electrical, mechanical, reliability, secure command, and transaction testing. Provides contact, contactless and combi interface options.


Cartes Secure Connexions 2015


Date: Nov 17 - 19, 2015Venue: Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition center, Paris, FranceBooth: 4 L 053


Cartes Secure Connexions 2015

2015 Smart Card Alliance NFC Solutions Summit


Date: Oct 7-8, 2015Venue: Arizona Grand Resort, Phoenix, ArizonaBooth: 100


2015 Smart Card Alliance NFC Solutions Summit

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