ACS’s PocketKey NFC Card provides users the experience of secure and swift passwordless online login. It allows individuals, enterprises and government-scaled agencies to substitute passwords with multi-factor authentication or two-factor authentication, reducing reliance on static passwords.

The PocketKey NFC Card is certified by the FIDO Alliance [FIDO®] and is compliant with FIDO U2F and FIDO2 protocols.  The card’s cryptographic security module terminates any likelihood of phishing, password/identity theft and repetitive attacks.  User tracking can also be prevented by storing FIDO cryptographic keys on-device and creating unique keys for each website.

The PocketKey NFC Card is also compatible with operating systems such as Windows®, Linux®, macOS and Android™, and as well as major web browsers: Chrome™, Safari®, Microsoft Edge® and Firefox®.

For more information on how to use PocketKey NFC Card with ACS NFC Reader to perform passwordless/two-factor authentication on various platforms, please refer to the following demonstration videos:

1. Microsoft® Outlook™ Sign In Demo
2. Google® Account Sign-In Demo  
3. Apple ID® and iCloud® Sign-In Demo

PC-Linked Contactless Reader NFC Reader
  • Supports All Major Web Browsers
    • Chrome™, Safari® and Microsoft Edge®, and Firefox®
  • Support Key Management 
  • Supports All Operating System 
    • Windows®, Linux®, macOS and Android™
Physical Characteristics
Dimensions (mm) ISO Card (Full size)
Weight (g) 5.7g 
Other Features
Other Features
  • Key Manager
    • Support
  • Enterprise Attestation
    • Upon Request
  • TOTP
    • Upon Request
  • Interface
    • ISO 14443 Type A
    • ISO 7816 1/2/3
  • Systems/Standards
    • FIDO2 L1
    • FIDO U2F
  • Regulatory/Environmental
    • Common Criteria EAL6+
    • RoHS
    • REACH
Device Driver Operating System Support
Device Driver Operating System Support
  • Device Driver Operating System Support
    • Windows®
    • Linux®
    • macOS
    • Android™
  • Browsers
    • Chrome™
    • Safari®
    • Firefox®
    • Microsoft Edge®
Manuals & Datasheets for PocketKey NFC Card
Key Manager

ACS FIDO Key Manager (Windows®)

Key Manager

ACS FIDO Key Manager (macOS)

Technical Specification

Technical Specification of Pocketkey NFC Card